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Not Joking on Used Flour Milling Machines

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Bart Yang Trades Never Joking on Supplying high quality of China made Flour Milling Machines and Accessories. 

Bart Yang Trades has several businesses in China, Flour milling machines including the new and used /secondhand flour milling machines, spare parts for flour miling machines. Bart Yang Trades has some different companies in the internet: Bart Used Flour Miling Machines/ Bart Grain Flour Mill Machinery/ Bart Importing and Exporting(Hong Kong Office Closed in year of 2019), Bart Flour Mill Machinery used flour advertising new and used Buhler flour milling machines in the internet. 


In Order to make our customers feel easy and simple to contact us so we prepared and made several different webistes with different names domain: here there are: www.used-flour-machinery.com www.flour-machinery.com www.bartflourmillmachinery.com . 


Bart is the owner of Bart Yang Trades company in China, he worked in the field of flour milling machines business since year of 2008, now he has more than 13 years experience to help his customers find the proper products such like the used flour miling machines: used brands including Buhler, Golfetto, Ocrim, GBS, Simon, Satake, machines name: Used Buhler MDDK Roller mills, used buhler mddl roller mills, buhler mqrf purifiers, MHXS MHXT scourers, MTSC de-stoners, MTRA/MTRB Separators, Classifier, MKLA Bran Finishers, MPAD MPAG Plan sifters, MPAR Twin SIfters. 


Most famous and most popular brand and machines we are supplying now are BUHLER Reconditioned MDDK MDDL Rollermills/Rollstands: MDDK250/1000 with gear box or belt timing drive system, MDDL250/1000 with gear or belt timing drive system. MDDK/MDDL250/1250. we refurbished with brand new Buhler Parts and accessories, we will hire the retired Buhler factory engineers and part-time workers to do the reconditioning works on the roller mills.


We will never joke on the serious works, we do our works by standard of Buhler specifications given from our customers and endusers. 


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