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Refurbished Buhler MDDK

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Our batch of refurbished mills will be delivered soon. Every machine is carefully refurbished and cleaned before being carefully packaged. The machine is equipped with a wooden base to prevent moisture. The key parts inside the mill have been replaced with new products, further extending the service life of the second-hand machine. At present, our refurbished machines have become the mainstream products in the second-hand market. Customers all over the world want to buy second-hand machines, but at the same time they are worried about the quality of the machines. There is no need to worry about the refurbished machines, because we will ensure the quality and normal use of each machine.

If you consider updating the machines in the flour mill with limited funds, we can provide the refurbished machines you need. The price is much cheaper than buying a brand-new machine, but the quality of the machines can be guaranteed.We also supply Refurbished Purifier,Separator,Destoner,Bran Finisher, Scourer,Plansifter and Aspirator ect.






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