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Second-hand flour machinery warehouse stocking list, lower prices to clear inventory

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Today is 10th Feb. 2022, We are back to work after 10 days of Chinese Traditional Spring New Year Holiday. This is a fresh new spring  coming to us, we still have some used Buhler flour mill machines, GBS flour mill roller mills and some Simon roller mills stocked in our warehouse, some of them are ordered by the clients and some of them are still available on sales. More than 200 grands dollars business kept in warehouse  which make us feel a little difficult  and like a ant in the hot pan. The Covid 19 is striking all the countries in the world, some of the countries have made their mind to leave it and just live with the virus and the only price they are paying were losing jobs and short of employees at port, so the shipping cost for international container delivery business is killing us slowly, however we have to make a life here as well in China, we gotta do the exporting to all around world, even we have to lower down our sales price to make our customer feel happy and worth it.

Below is a list we are stocking now in our warehouse:

GBS Roller mills 250/1000 construction year 2016, 4 pieces available on sales; GBS roller mills 250/1250 construction year 2016, 2 pieces available on sales; GBS Purifiers 2016 year made, 5 pieces in stock now.

GBS Roller mill01GBS Roller mill07GBS Roller mill03GBS Roller mill04

Simon Roller Mills 250/1000 14 pieces in stock now, 1996 year type.


Buhler MDDP 250/1000 with break rolls passage, construction  year 2018. 2 pieces available on sales.


Buhler MDDK 250/1250 with break rolls passage, contraction year 2007-2015, 7 pieces in stock now.


Buhler MTRB 100/200 Separators year of construction: 2010, 1 piece in stock.


Buhler MTRB 150/200 Separators, year of construction: 2010, 2 pieces in stock on sales now.


Buhler MKLA 45/110D Bran Finishers, year of construction: 2013, 1 piece in stock now on sales.


Buhler MKLA45/110 Bran Finishers, year of construction: 2008-2009, 7 pieces in stock now.


Buhler Retrofit Kits for MDDP MDDK roller mills spare parts: Differential Rate 1:1.23 for smooth rolls change, 5 sets in stock now.


Buhler Purifiers MQRF46/200, 15 pieces in stock, year of construction: 2009-2012.


We gotta sell them before June, cause we still need money to invest some more other Buhler Machines such as the Buhler mddk 250/1000 made in Switzerland in year of 1989, we need to do the reconditioning and Refurbishing, overhauled, cleaning, fixing works on those roller mills. We would like to give our any of potential clients a good price for these machines as long as you need them, we wish all those fantastic used flour milling machines in a good flour mill plant to keep them running for next decades of years.


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