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Something About Used Renewed Buhler MDDK MDDL RollerMills

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Something About Used Renewed Buhler MDDK MDDL RollerMills

renewed Buhler Mddk roller mills

renewed Buhler Mddk roller mills

renewed Buhler Mddk roller mills

renewed Buhler Mddk roller mills



I am a dealer and salesman in the field of new and used grain wheat grinding milling machinery located in China mainland. Used flour milling machinery have its own market in the world, some of the used and old European brands such as Buhler, Buhler Miag Buhler Brothers, Ocrim, Simon, Golfetto, GBS, Sangati, Robinson, etc, some of the brands are no longer existed in this world nowadays, and some of the brands are murged together for some reasons. 

Buhler group is the biggest grain milling machines manufacturer and supplier in global, the most famous grinding machine roller mill made by Buhler are MDDB MDDK MDDL MDDM MDDP MDDQ MDDR roll stands. The used roller mills in the international market are still popular and welcome by the customers from third world such as countries of Chile, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc. The MDDK Roller mills have two types of driving system: Gear Box and Belt Timing Wheels, the advantages of MDDK Gear Box driving system are strong driving capacity and stable running performance, easy maintence and spare parts are all available in different world, the belt timing wheels driving system is less noise in running performance, and low cost of parts replacement in daily maintence works. MDDM MDDP MDDQ types roller mills are much more advanced technolody and have even cleaner inside and outside, all the key parts material in these machines are made of stainless steels. However the price will be much more expensive for the customers. 

The Used MDDK and MDDL roller mills can be found everywhere in different countries, parts are also easily bought and supplied from diffferent dealers and agents. Sometimes the used roller mills conditions are not good, such the rolls diameter is not big enough for long running and bearings are broken or the gears are not thick engough, feeding system also have problems too, so we do some medium and deep refurbishing and renewed buhler MDDK MDDL roller mills in our workshop for the customers. The parts for reconditioning are exactly same as the orginal Buhler parts in the factory and the workers and engineers are all worked in Buhler China factory before and some of them have worked in Buhler factory for more than 20 years, so we can fully take advantage of their skills and experience when we do the refurbishing works. The retired workers and engineers from Buhler factory are all willing to cooperate with us to do some works and make some profit by giving their instructions and suggestions,which makes their retired life more interesting and worthy. 

Renewed and totally 100% refurbished Buhler MDDK MDDL roller mills can save a lot of money for different customers and flour mill owners. We have received a lot of good feedback from our old customers. So we believe it is a good and long term job to provide meaningful service and help and meanwhile make a good living for our families. we are grateful for what we have received and we wish we would have more customers from different countries and we believe int he works we are doing now. 

The is something we are doing and we are going to keep doing in future and this is something about buhler refurbished and reconditioned MDDK MDDL Roller Mills. 


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