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16 bran new stainless perforated sheets are ready to be delivered to our client from Nigeria

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16 bran new stainless perforated sheets are ready to be delivered to our client from Nigeria

16 brand new stainless steel perforated sheet (6 MKLA-20016-010 and 10 MKLA-20016-090) with perforation diameter at 1mm and 1.25mm. They can be used for Buhler bran finisher MKLA-45-110 and MKLA-45-110D. All of good quality. This set of perforated sheet is ordered by our client from Nigeria and it has been well packed up. Soon, it will be delivered to our client (figure 1.).


                                                             Figure 1. 16 stainless perforated sheets are ready to be dispatched.

Bran finisher is a kind of machine which can help you to increase the yield during flour manufacture. It works to separate bran from the flour through moving the mixture of bran and flour with help of a beater. Then the bran can be removed through a screen which is the perforated sheet shown in the above figure. The blockage of the screen is avoided through the vibration of screen. To keep the bran finisher working efficiently, screens of good quality are something very essential. Stainless screen is one good option. It can been used in harsh environment can has good tolerance to wear. Stainless screens are also easy to maintain, install, clean, replace and cost-effective. More importantly, it is easy to keep them in the warehouse for a long time, so you will always have some spare screens for emergent repair.


                                                              Figure 2.  Perforation of stainless screen

Stainless screens or stainless perforated sheets from our company are made of Chinese Buhler affiliated to Switzerland Buhler. Therefore, we can guarantee that all screens from our company are of great quality for they are all manufactured according to the standard of Buhler. Besides, due to the exchange rate, manufacturing cost and Policies of Buhler, screens made in China is cheaper than those made in some other countries. Therefore, before purchasing new screens directly from Buhler in your country, it is a good idea to ask our staff for a quotation.

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