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Flour Milling Lab Instrument Extensograph

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Introduction of Extensograph

bartflourmillmachinery extensograph

 Purpose and application

Extensometer JMLD 150 is a special instrument to measures the stretching properties of the wheat flour dough for determining the flour quality and for controlling flour treatment with additives. This instrument widely used in agriculture, grains and food fields.

The characteristic of Extensometer list as follows:

  1. Using of advanced electronic inspection technique, evaluated test result more accurate and convenient.

  2. Using of the appropriative software, Extensograp made the test result have better repeatability and reproducibility.

  3. Using of auto graphic recording system of computer replace the mechanical graph recording system, the computer calculate and evaluate the test result automatically.

  4. Using computer to control the operation and evaluation process, it is easily operated to user. 

  1. Technical Data

Speed of the stretching hook           14.5±0.5 mm/s

Temperature of fermentation cabinet:      30

Speed of the balling unit              83±3/min

Speed of the moulder                 15±1/min

Power                             60W×2+25W

Power supply                       220V±10%   50Hz

Net weight                         132Kg

Dimensions                        875x540x990mm 

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Direct 24hrs Contact to Sales Manager:

Email: bartyoung2013@yahoo.com 

Mob/Whatsapp: +86 185 3712 1208. 

Related Website: www.used-flour-machinery.com 




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