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Used PING LE Roller mills Made in China

Roller mills made in China are cheap and of high quality. Many countries have gradually accepted made in China. The quality of China's flour machinery is also rapidly improving, serving flour mills with cheap prices and quality.
  • 250/1000
  • PING LE 250/1250 Roller mill
  • 250/1000 and 250/1250
  • 2018
  • 15-20 days

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PING LE Roller mill currently belongs to China's flour machinery industry, ranking first in quality and efficiency


The appearance is highly similar to the BUHLER MDDK Roller mill


Timing belt drive configuration is almost the same as BUHLER MDDP Roller mill


It has the same efficiency as the BUHLER MDDK Roller mill and is driven by a synchronous belt, but the price is far lower than that of the BUHLER MDDK


If your budget is not enough or you want to try Roller mills made in China, you can choose PING LE Roller mill I believe it will surprise you in terms of price and quality.

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