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Used Buhler Swiss Purifier

Swiss Buhler Purifier, which is rarely seen in the market.The Buhler purifier features adjustable sieves and precise air control, allowing for customizable purification settings to meet specific milling requirements. Additionally, its sturdy construction and reliable performance make it a durable and long-lasting solution for flour purification. With the Buhler purifier, millers can achieve superior flour quality, increased yield, and improved profitability in their operations.
  • Purifier

  • Buhler

  • Purifier

  • Buhler

  • 1997

  • China Mainland

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Welcome to our website, where we are excited to announce a new batch of refurbished machines available for sale in our warehouse. Through careful cleaning, repainting, and maintenance, these second-hand machines have been restored to a level of quality comparable to new ones. We are offering these machines at low prices, providing an excellent opportunity for those looking to upgrade their equipment.

The new batch includes Purifier machines manufactured by Buhler's original factory, albeit from an earlier year. However, the production year does not impact the quality of the product, and these machines still maintain a satisfactory color and operating efficiency. Additionally, we have a selection of other Swiss Buhler machines available, such as Bran Finisher, Plansifter with 4/6/8 doors, and Scourers. If you are in need of spare parts, we can also provide new Buhler spare parts.

As New Year's Day approaches, we encourage those interested in replacing their old equipment at a low cost to reach out to us as soon as possible.







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