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Used Buhler Plansifter manufactured in 1997&2017

The old machine still retains all its original functions. Buhler plansifter with 4 and 8 section.
The Buhler plansifter is renowned for its exceptional sifting performance, delivering consistent results and superior product quality. It is an indispensable tool for flour mills and other food processing plants, ensuring optimal particle sizing and maximizing yield.Choose the Buhler plansifter for your sifting needs and experience unmatched reliability, precision, and efficiency in your production processes. Elevate your product quality and stay ahead in the competitive market with this exceptional sifting solution from Buhler.
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  • Buhler Plansifter

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  • 2017&1997

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Used Buhler Plansifter manufactured in 1997&2017

We have recently revamped our warehouse and stocked it with a range of second-hand equipment, all in excellent condition and visually appealing. Our inventory now includes a sufficient number of Plansifters, a highly sought-after product that has been previously consulted by numerous customers. Should you show interest in this particular item, please feel free to contact us anytime.Additionally, we offer other second-hand flour equipment. Whether you are contemplating upgrading your flour mill to boost production or seeking high-quality products at discounted prices, our website is the ideal destination to meet your requirements.

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