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Used 2015 BUHLER roller mill MDDP

Buhler roller mill
Well-proportioned feed rate
High-capacity grinding
Reliable operation
Cheap price
  • MDDP-300/1000

  • Buhler

  • 700020874

  • Used Buhler roller mill MDDP in 2015

  • MDDP-300/1000

  • Buhler

  • 2015

  • China Mainland Warehouse

  • Upon stock availability


The Buhler MDDP model is one of the most popular and versatile flour milling machines on the market today. It is designed to handle various types of grains and produce high-quality flour with consistent results. This model features a powerful motor and advanced control systems that allow for precise adjustments to achieve the desired flour quality.The MDDP model is known for its ease of use and low maintenance requirements. It features a compact design that saves space in the milling facility and requires minimal installation time. The machine is also equipped with an automatic feeding system and an efficient cleaning system, which ensures minimal downtime and maximum productivity.  

MDDP (2)

MDDP (3)


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