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Overhauled Buhler flour mill machines

Swiss Buhler flour mill machines. The MDDK and MDDQ machines boast advanced features such as high-quality grinding rolls, precise grinding gap adjustment, and intelligent control systems. These features ensure consistent flour quality, optimal yield, and reduced energy consumption. With user-friendly interfaces and easy maintenance, Buhler MDDK and MDDQ machines are ideal choices for grain milling operations, providing excellent productivity and profitability.
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Welcome to our website, where you have arrived at the perfect time! Our warehouse has recently been restocked with a wide variety of second-hand flour machines, available in abundant models and quantities. As we approach the New Year, we are offering these machines at incredibly low prices, making it an ideal opportunity for you to make a purchase. If you had previously shown interest in our products, now is the time to take advantage of our discounted prices and buy high-quality goods.

We are excited to introduce a new batch of second-hand flour mills, manufactured by Buller in Switzerland and produced in 1997. These machines come in a fresh, brand-new color and have grinding rollers with a diameter above 249 mm, showing minimal signs of wear. In order to meet your specific needs, we can clean, repaint, and recondition the machines, and even replace the gears with synchronous belts if required.

Our available models include MDDK, MDDP, MDDL, and MDDQ.

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