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Germany Farinograph and Extensograph made in 2012

The Brabender FarinoGraph is one of the world’s most important and well-known instruments for determining the water absorption of flour and the rheological properties of dough. The accuracy, reliability and reproducibility of the test results are important for the technical dialogue in successful business relationships between manufacturers and suppliers of flour products in increasingly global markets.
  • Farinograph and Extensograph

  • Brabender

  • Farinograph and Extensograph

  • Farinograph-AT and Extensograph-E

  • Brabender

  • 2012

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The Brabender FarinoGraph is a widely recognized and significant instrument for measuring the water absorption of flour and the rheological properties of dough. Its precision, dependability, and consistency in test results are crucial for effective communication between flour product manufacturers and suppliers in a global market. As a component of Brabender's well-established 3-Phase System, the FarinoGraph, along with the Extensograph and Amylograph, offers a comprehensive and practical demonstration of bakery and pasta product production on a laboratory scale.

Used machines but full function, you just need to pay less but enjoy the wonderful mahines.
The quantity of second-hand Brabender FarinoGraph and Extensographis small, and this model is rare. If you are interested in this product, you can contact us as soon as possible. Hurry up!

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