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Discontinuous Totalizing Automatic Scale

The design of the automatic hopper scale minimizes dust zones. This prevents any potential compacting of the material stream and maximizes the product quality.The weighing hopper is attached via suspension at three points. This ensures a high level of stability in the weighing cycle. Additionally, the universal control unit MEAG employs smart weighing algorithms for maximum precision.
  • MWBL

  • Buhler

  • Discontinuous Totalizing Automatic Scale

  • MWBL

  • Buhler

  • 2009

  • China Mainland Warehouse

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The Buhler discontinuous totalizing automatic scale MWBL is a cutting-edge weighing and packaging solution designed for industries requiring precise and efficient totalizing of bulk materials. Developed by the renowned Swiss company Buhler Group, this innovative scale combines advanced technology with user-friendly features to streamline the weighing process and enhance productivity.

With a high level of accuracy and reliability, the Buhler MWBL scale ensures precise measurement and totalizing of bulk materials, eliminating the need for manual counting and reducing human errors. This helps in optimizing production processes and ensuring consistent product quality.







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