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China made Famous Flour Mill Plan sifters FSFG4/24K

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  • China made Square Plansifter Novastar MPAJ
  • Square Plansifter Novastar MPAJ
  • FSFG4/24K
  • China Mainland Warehouse
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China-made Square Plansifter Novastar MPAJ for maximum capacities


The Square Plansifter Novastar with a maximum sifting area accom- modated in a minimum space has been designed for the sifting of break and flour stocks and for the sorting of different grain varieties in soft wheat, rye, corn (maize) and durum mills.


The plansifter consists of the

following main components:

  • ●  2 symmetrical sifter sections

  • ●  1 drive section

  • ●  Inlet bench with suspension

  • ●  Spouts and hoses

    The plansifter can be dismantled into three units for shipping.


  • ●  Net sifting area of 22 to 90 m2, depending on the specific model and size

  • ●  High sifting capacity in a minimum space. Adjustment of the clearance above the sieve to suit the stock volume, using different frame heights and intermediate frames

  • ●  Sturdy construction

● Intensified plansifter motion for achieving maximum capacities

● New NOVA sieve generation with superior sifting efficiency

● Up to 30 sieves per compartment ● Wood sieve frames coated with

synthetic resin
● Wear-resistant metal sieve frame

● New sieve cleaning system
● Quiet, efficient sieve cleaning
● Combined cleaners for the sieve

cover and the sieve tray
● Direct access to the cleaners

without the need for tools
● No corrugated wire mesh to

complicate the access to the area

under the sieves
● Sieve trays of tin-plated sheet steel

(option: stainless)
● Easy changing of the sifter flow

by rearranging or exchanging the

square sieve frames
● The stock-carrying sieve channels

in the sifter compartments are

● Excellent sanitation
● Easy access for cleaning
● Minimum maintenance and

servicing due to simple operation

Drive by built-in motor

The sturdy drive ensures trouble-

free gyration of the plansifter.
● Easy installation
● The centrifugal weights allow the

throw of the sifter to be optimized ● The centrifugal weights are sup-

ported by sturdy self-aligning, grease- lubricated roller bearings, resulting in low maintenance

Range of models

Plansifters with 4, 6, 8 or 10 compart- ments are available, with height to ac- commodate a maximum of 30 sieves.


The inside of the sieve compart- ments is a simple design. All sur- faces in contact with the stock are provided with efficient insulation. Partitions in the housing channels prevent dust from rising as the material is being discharged.

The stock-carrying channels are easily accessible and can be cleaned with minimum effort. The sieve frames are easy to install and remove.

A patented clamping device can easily and securely clamp the sieve stack tight with removable hand cranks.

There are two main types of sieve size, standard 640x640mm @ 0.383M2 surface area, and large 730x730mm @ 0.473M2 surface area for greater sifting area requirement. The outer sieve frame can be supplied at different heights to suit different applications i.e. 50/60/70/80/90/126mm. The top box frame height is 126mm, while the bottom sieve base 140-150mm.



The NOVA sieve generation enables our square plansifters to achieve top capacities thanks to

  • ●  More sifting area

  • ●  Optimum space utilization

  • ●  New sieve cleaning system

    The cleaners simultaneously keep the sieve covers and the sieve trays clean.

● Constant sifting capacity ● Higher sanitation

The 2 sieve frame types N (normal) and B (wide) allow optimum adjustment of the sifting area to
the amount of stock and the number of separations.


● Higher sifting capacity in a given space

● Higher specific sifting capacity with flour sieves

● Wear-resistant metal insert frames ● Sieve covers glued onto metal

insert frames
● Sieve frames without corrugated

wire mesh
● Direct access to the cleaners

without the need for tools
● Larger sifting area thanks to space-

saving sieve design
● Reduced noise level
● Minimum maintenance for cleaning

the sieves



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