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Buhler Grinding and Fluting machine

Buhler MRBB wire drawing machine is a high-performance product that offers exceptional quality and reliability. As a leading brand in the industry, Buhler ensures superior engineering and advanced technology in their machines. The MRBB wire drawing machine is designed to provide efficient and precise wire drawing operations, achieving desired wire diameters with precision. With its robust construction and innovative features, this machine guarantees smooth and consistent wire drawing. Whether for industrial or commercial use, the Buhler MRBB wire drawing machine delivers exceptional performance, making it the preferred choice for wire manufacturers worldwide.
  • MRBB1500

  • Buhler

  • Griding and Fluting machine

  • MRBB1500

  • Buhler

  • 2012

  • China Mainland Warehouse

  • stock available


We have Buhler Gridding and Fluting Machines now.As an important metal processing equipment, wire drawing machine has obvious advantages and can provide more convenience and efficiency for the production and processing of enterprises.Machining metal materials by wire drawing machine can reduce labor cost and material waste, thus reducing production cost.

At present, the company has a small number of second-hand roller wire drawing machines, which are produced by Buhler Company, which can guarantee the model and quality of the products. As you can know from the photos, the machine still maintains a good color and is not worn. Can meet the needs of various industrial production. Crucially, compared with the new product, the product has low price and good color, and can save a lot of cost while ensuring production efficiency.



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