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2016 Buhler MHXT 45/80 Scourer

Buhler 2016 MHXT 45/80 scourers. Very good and new machines. We can refurbish and overhaul it for you if you are want it to look like shiny new ones. We strongly suggest you to do so if you want to resell it. Additional spare parts like screens can be offered as well. Contact info: bartyoung2013@yahoo.com or whatsapp: +86 18537121208.
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  • MHXT 45/80

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Buhler 2016 scourer MHXT 45/80. Very good but cheap machines with compared with brand new ones. Additional service like refurbishment and overhual can be offered as well. We can also offer you addtional spare screens. Here are some photos, please take a look.







Welcome to our website. Secondhand flour mill machine of various price. Want to upgrade your break-down old machines or start your own mill at low cost? Come to check our website and talk with our staff! Refurbished and renewed machines can improve your profit at very low cost. We also have spare parts like spare belt or rolls for sale. All at low price. Couldn't find what you want on our website? No worries. Just leave us a message and we will find the machine for you as soon as possible. Also we can overhaul, refurbish and renew an old Buhler machine for you. There is no need to wait for three mouth for a brand new Buhler machine. Come and get the refurbished one! Any other questions please don't hesitate to contact. Our friendly staff are always ready to give you a timely reply.

Flour mill machinery parts, BUHLER quality, cheap price, our company sells all kinds of flour mill accessories, cheap, BUHLER quality, please contact us if you need it.

Contact Info:MR BART YOUNG.

E-mail: bartyoung2013@yahoo.com

Website: www.Bartflourmillmachinery.com

Phone/WhatsApp: +86 185 3712 1208



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